Training: Reducing Culture Collisions

S.T.O.P. ℠ | A Technique For Reducing Culture Collisions (STOP89)

Lenora’s four-step S.T.O.P. ℠ feedback technique is excellent for addressing sensitive situations because it is easy to understand and it produces successful results.

How do you tell your manager to stop giving you a high-five every time he agrees with something you say? How do you get your Baby Boomer colleague to stop reminding you that you are too young to know…?

What do you say to a colleague or friend who expects you to laugh at inappropriate jokes, even though the subject of the joke is not directed toward your identity?

Lenora’s client research indicates that one of the biggest factors causing less than top team performance and innovation among co-workers is their inability to give feedback to each other quickly and without judgment regarding culturally sensitive behaviors—also known as micro-aggressions. This course is designed to teach individuals how to diminish culture collisions by using an effective feedback technique.

By taking Lenora’s feedback e-learning course, you’ll get the following benefits:

*A practical method of giving feedback that improves relationships at work and elsewhere.
*Reusable worksheets to walk you through each step
*The course can be completed in one session or you can stop and return at your own pace

We hope you enjoy the course and increase your cultural competence!

Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP, CPAE
  • S.T.O.P. ℠ :Technique For Reducing Culture Collisions
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